Meet another two awesome yacht designers from around the world with!


May 18, 2022

Meet another two awesome yacht designers from around the world with!

Without talented and outstanding designers, we wouldn’t have such a differentiated yacht market where creativity is more than just the norm! Yacht designers use their creativity to create the swiftest, leanest, most luxurious designs for those yacht and sea lovers ready to embark on their personalized luxurious journey. They understand that those looking to buy a yacht want to give themselves adventures and memories that last a lifetime, and this is seen through the intricate designs and the effort placed into the work of countless yacht designers around the world., Malta’s freshest yacht broker and charter service, features some of the most spectacular yacht designers out there.

Enrico Gobbi – Team for Design

Team for Design is a Yacht Design and Architecture firm established in 2005 by Enrico Gobbi in the historic city of Venice in Italy. The city famous for the fact that it is on water has also served as a cradle for art, architecture, and the essence of the Italian style. Being also the birthplace of Enrico, the founder of Team for Design, Venice has had a relevant influence on the designer’s professional formation, his strong relationship both with architecture and water reflects the presence of both these elements in the old town.

After graduating from the world-renowned University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), Enrico obtained a specialization in Yacht Design and started working in the marine industry. Here he achieved many years of experience through collaborations with some of the most renowned design companies and shipyards brought him to become the creative mind behind Team for Design.

Nowadays, Team for Design along with Enrico Gobbi, brings together designers with different views of design and architecture from all over the world under the same firm, hence the word “TEAM” in the company name. It has a strong passion for exceptional design, and insists that “all is possible: we draw your dreams… with a realistic vision”.

Team for Design’s activities includes exterior/interior design of custom superyachts and serial production yachts, beginning from the conceptual drawings up to the executive phase and project management during construction.

  • Key milestones: Opening the Miami office in 1995 and opening the Viareggio office in 2005
  • Favourite Yacht Design: “My favourite yacht is the Rossinavi Utopia IV 63 meter because it’s the biggest Mega Yacht built with a sporty look.”
  • Get in touch: Call: +39 041 894 1038 or send us an email on [email protected]

Julia Dean – Winch Design

Julia Dean is an Associate at Winch Design’s Yachts and Aviation team who joined in 2017. She gained a degree in textiles and a Masters in interior design, proceeding to work in the hotel design industry followed by the high-end residential industry. After over 7 years in the high-end residentials sector, she transferred her skills to the superyacht industry at Winch Design.

Based within a historic building on the banks of the River Thames, Winch Design is a full-service design and architectural studio specializing in both the exterior and interior design of yachts, aircraft, and residential and commercial properties. The 100-strong team has one goal only: to reflect each client’s dreams. The Winch Ethos is predicated on certain values, initiated by Andrew Winch over thirty years ago,  and now upheld by all: the importance of creating spatial energy and emotion, of designing spaces that are balanced, beautiful, and uplifting, and of always being inquisitive for more knowledge.

Speaking about the Founder of Winch Design, Julia explained how Andrew Winch’s love of yachts started in his childhood, during long summers spent sailing the Solent in his father’s 42ft (12m) Beneteau. He completed a degree in 3D Design at Kingston College of Art, and then went on to gain experience as a skipper in the Caribbean, followed by an apprenticeship for acclaimed yacht designer, Jon Bannenberg. His love of yachts would persist through adulthood and inform his entire life’s work, leading him and his wife Jane, as designer and company manager, to establish Winch Design in 1986. Winch Design’s first project was to design the interior and exterior of a Swan 36ft sailboat, which soon led to the creation of other, bigger projects, such as the interior design of the 140ft Cyclos III, completed in 1989, and the 160ft White Rabbit motor yacht, in 1994.

  • Julia’s key milestones: “The key milestones in my career unsurprisingly surround yacht deliveries. With an average delivery time of around 5 years from concept to completion, it is incredibly rewarding to see one delivered to the client, to see your sketches and vision come to life, and see the client pleased with the result. I recently had the pleasure of staying on board a yacht designed by the Winch team. It was an incredible experience, like living inside your sketch! It is not often that you get to experience life on board, but it was amazing to see everything work just as you imagined. Amazing, but surreal!”
  • Julia’s favorite yacht design: “It is very tricky to choose a favorite! One of my favorite things about working at Winch is that every brief is so different, from traditional to contemporary, smooth and natural to loud and angular, the diversity is truly inspiring and allows us to explore so many different avenues of design. I think if I had to choose, it would probably be Barefoot which is an interior concept for the Amels 60 range. We used materials researched for their sustainable credentials and are in the process of verifying these with the Water Revolution Foundation. It is a very exciting venture for us and the first time it has been done within the industry. Every material on board combines unrivaled quality with sensorial design, it’s unlike anything we have ever designed before!”
    Get in touch: “You can reach us online or over the phone at [email protected] or +44 (0) 20 8392 8400.”

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