Meet the Top 10 Yacht Management Companies in Malta


September 21, 2023

Meet the Top 10 Yacht Management Companies in Malta

Welcome to the world of yachting, where luxury meets the open sea. Owning a yacht is a dream come true, but it also comes with responsibilities. Yacht management services are here to help. In this article, we’ll explore how these services enhance the yachting experience, ensuring every voyage is smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned owner or an aspiring one, understanding yacht management is key to a stress-free journey on the water. Let’s have a look: offers a full range of superyacht management services capable of handling the full spectrum of yacht operations. This allows us to individually tailor the specific support and services to the needs of the Owner.

Yacht Management & Accounting: Our dedicated team ensures transparent financial management, handling expenses, budget comparisons, and accounting with integrity.

Technical Yacht Management: Count on us for expert maintenance aligned with your budget and safety, along with regular vessel status reports.

Crew Administration & Recruitment: We offer hassle-free crew management, from recruitment to administration, guaranteeing the best for your yacht.

Although we believe that we should be your first choice when it comes to yacht management, we would still like to briefly introduce you to alternative providers:

MYM Malta Yacht Management

Expertise and Personalization: The team’s profound industry knowledge and a personalized approach ensure customized service, regardless of the type of yacht – be it a motor yacht, sailing vessel, diving support/research ship, or manned submersible.

Certification Made Easy: MYM takes care of all certifications, audits, and compliance, guaranteeing that your yacht consistently meets all required standards.

Technical Proficiency: Strong associations with leading shipyards translate into cost-effective refits and maintenance, along with 24/7 emergency support.

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BWA Yachting Malta

In the realm of modern superyacht management, BWA Yachting Malta emerges as a beacon of simplification. They offer a comprehensive array of global yacht agency services, designed to cater to every conceivable need that arises during your global voyages.

Their Services Include:

Maritime Agency and Port Operations: BWA handles traditional yacht agency services, seamlessly extending to port operations such as immigration and customs procedures.

Provisioning and Supplies: With experienced teams, often comprising former captains and crew members, they ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of your yacht, including provisioning.

Logistics Solutions: Whether it’s handling freight, courier services, or transporting vital items to or from your yacht, MYM has the logistics covered.

Hospitality and Events: Elevate your yachting experience with hotel services, on-board entertainment, restaurant reservations, and concierge services.

ERP and Financial Services: They simplify banking, transfers, and cash-to-yacht transactions through central invoice management, all while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality.

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A hub for yacht and boat services and products, conveniently near Malta’s top yacht marinas.

Their Services Include:

Super Yacht Agency: Since 1988, Nautica has been a trusted name in the Super Yacht Services industry, delivering personalized and meticulous services to captains and crews.

Yacht Brokerage: Boats for sale.

Yacht Charters: Nautica offers modern sailing yachts for charter since 1988.

Nautica Products:

Boero YachtCoatings: High-quality coatings for marine applications.

Profurl: A global leader in headsail reefing-furling systems.

Contact Information:

Valletta Superyachts

A familiar and trusted presence always ready to assist.

They specialize in Superyacht Agency and Yacht Support in Malta, catering to captains, owners, and shipyards alike. Whether you require a reliable agent for Customs Clearance before your Maltese Islands visit, seek to optimize expenditures, register your yacht under the Maltese Flag Register, explore Malta VAT Deferral, or support warranty work during transit, they are your go-to solution.

Contact Information:

ASSET V Crewing Limited

Asset V specializes in crewing and yachting solutions. With offices based in Valletta, they provide a comprehensive range of crewing services to the marine industry, alongside offering technical and yacht management support.

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O&S Shipping Ltd

They offer yachting and maritime services like:

Yacht Agency: O&S Shipping offers 24/7 yacht agency services, including yacht formalities, anchorage, concierge, bunkering, and more. Their ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures consistent quality.

Yacht Transport: O&S Shipping collaborates with global transporters for yacht transfer services, offering tailored solutions for various marine crafts, including loading and unloading options.

Sea Assistance: O&S Shipping pioneered sea assistance services in Malta, providing reliable support for all maritime needs.

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RLR Yachting

Ripard Yacht Services, operating as a specialized branch within the yachting agency, delivers a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet the needs of sailors and yacht owners. Their offerings include yacht maintenance, berthing arrangements, diving services, brokerage, provisioning, and more, providing clients with expert assistance and support to enhance their yachting experiences.

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Melita Marine Group

The agency department operates 24/7 to serve captains, vessel owners, and guests, providing efficient shore support services and berthing arrangements, even in high-demand situations.

Custom Clearance: Melita Marine Group offers stress-free customs clearance, handling all paperwork promptly and keeping clients updated on duty rates, if applicable.

Bunkering: Benefiting from Malta’s strategic location, they facilitate bunkering services, minimizing delays and ensuring availability day and night.

Emergency Repairs: They provide emergency vessel repair services both in and out of the port, covering maintenance, damage repair, or conversion work.

Provisioning: With extensive experience, they provide luxury yacht provisioning services worldwide.

Safety and Medical: They offer top-quality safety equipment and medical supplies, along with crew training courses.

Contact Information:

Carmel Caruana – Yacht Agency

Their yacht services portfolio is a one-stop shop, providing rapid and cost-effective solutions for owners, captains, and crew. Services include agency support, berthing formalities, bunkering, customs clearance, operational assistance, and more. Their experienced team and extensive network ensure efficient service delivery.

Contact Information:

The list makes no claim to completeness and does not represent a valuation of the companies presented.

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