Yachting.mt’s Marketing & Administration Manager by day, budding entrepreneur by night – meet Nicole!


May 03, 2022

Yachting.mt’s Marketing & Administration Manager by day, budding entrepreneur by night – meet Nicole!

When she’s not busy taking care of Yachting.mt’s social media platform and public image, Nicole is busy working on her own brand called Sikura, as well as volunteering and dabbling a bit in music too.

Nicole Borg, Yachting.mt’s Marketing & Administration Manager, is a 26-year-old B.Hons. Communications with Theatre Studies graduate. Apart from establishing herself within the marketing, PR and journalism fields, she has been an active citizen through various local VOs and NGOs, predominantly with leadership organisation JCI Malta, where apart from serving the organisation for around 6 years in different positions, she led the organisation as National President throughout 2021. In the past, Nicole has worked as a journalist for over three years and has now expanded her focus on content writing, marketing and PR. She is also a singer and is ½ of local band The Velveteens. In her free time (if there’s any left of it!) she’s busy buying and reading books to add to her ever-growing library. In January 2022, Nicole kickstarted her work to launch Sikura, a brand aimed to provide Maltese women with devices that help them feel safer especially when out alone.

Asked about what she loves the most about the world of marketing, Nicole explained that she finds it thrilling to identify ways through which she can help people identify better with a brand. Throughout my experience with different brands throughout the years, I’ve learnt about the importance of the “starting with the why” that Simon Sinek is so widely known for. In order to get people to respect your brand and identify with it, you need to show them why you created it, and then your processes meaning how you’re operating and then the what: what is it that you are offering to the public. When you build a loyal customer base, you know that your marketing is truly working.

“I have big plans to help Yachting.mt build its brand awareness. Given that it is a new company, there’s a lot to be done to help the public become aware of its offering and truly understand what it is offering. In fact, one of our main focus in the coming months needs to be that of showing that we aim to bring transparency to the industry both through our charter as well as brokerage service. Something which for several years has been lacking. Additionally, we aim to offer high quality and luxurious services to all of our customers, and therefore, with my administrative hat on and together with Markus, we have been identifying different processes and standards to ensure that all that we offer is truly of the highest quality. This is something that we also intend to make visible and clear through the way we position ourselves for the public out there,” said Nicole as she explained her plans in brief for Yachting.mt’s platforms for the coming months.

“I truly want to make a difference, if not in the world, at least in my community”

Speaking about her personal endeavors, Nicole mentioned how she has always had a passion for finding ways through which she could make a difference in the community. In fact, her very own entrepreneurial journey with Sikura is exactly aligned with this principle of hers. “I started Sikura following the public outcry following Paulina Dembska’s brutal murder. She was raped and killed in Sliema, a few days after the new year. Several people stood up and said something needs to be done. Hearing their cry, I thought, well maybe I could look into what can be done, and use the learnings I’ve gathered throughout the years to create something that betters the lives of many women. Sikura in fact is looking into several safety device options as well as self-defense services in order to help women feel safer when out alone and in case they’re faced with any danger,” she went on to say.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my partner Giovanni, volunteering with a special group of friends, jamming and singing with some awesome friends. I also love reading and collecting books with a library that is constantly growing – I’ve learnt to hunt down some awesome offers on books in the meantime!

Asked to describe her experience so far with Yachting.mt, Nicole remarked that it’s been a fun ride. “Thanks to this role, I’m getting the opportunity to learn more about the yachting industry. I’ve always loved the sea and have always been captivated by the idea of life at sea. Therefore, thanks to this role, I get to learn about yachting and helping people make their sea adventure dreams come true,” she went on to say.

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