Meet our Commodore, Stephen Duffy, who is happiest when at the helm of a yacht!


January 13, 2022

Meet our Commodore, Stephen Duffy, who is happiest when at the helm of a yacht!

Meet Stephen Duffy,’s Head Skipper and Commodore who brings with him 25 years of experience in the yachting industry for all clients to benefit from. 

Starting off on the Humble River in Southampton UK, throughout the years, Stephen found himself participating in a large number of club national and international regattas. He was part of all the major regattas around Europe sailing and racing with a variety of vessels including J-Class, Wally Yachts, Swans as well as X-Yachts, including motorboats ranging from 15 to 40 meters. His participation in several races and regattas led him to be crowned as both National and European Champion as well as placed 2nd in World Competitions. He describes himself as an old-school sailor who is happiest when at the helm of a yacht.

Interviewing our Skipper

  1. Can you briefly describe what a Skipper is and does?

    The Skipper is the focal point of any vessel whereby crew and clients take their lead. Their main priority is ensuring safety on board the vessel, whilst seeing that both the crew as well as the clients enjoy the time onboard. The Skipper is the person that is legally responsible for anything that goes on board.

  2. Can you list some of the seas you’ve sailed in and countries you’ve sailed to throughout your career as a skipper?

    Throughout my career, I’ve gotten the opportunity to sail all over the world. I sailed on several seas around the globe including the North Sea, Irish Sea, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, Adriatic, Southern Ocean, and the Red Sea. Sailing all over the globe has led me to also be able to visit countless countries including Cuba, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Holland, France, Italy, and of course the beautiful Maltese Archipelago.

  3. If you had to name one sailing experience you will never forget,  what would it be?

    There are two that come to mind, one that left my heart racing and another that allowed me to see some of the most breathtaking islands and views. I remember how in the year 2000, after the Rolex Middlesea Race, I delivered a fast-36 race boat from Malta through to the UK. The weather was absolutely bad, there was the typical Mediterranean slope and fast 6-meter waves coming from every direction. It was the worst trip ever!

    However, I have many wonderful memories while sailing. The best delivery I ever made was on a Royal Huisman 37-meter Ketch from Malta’s Grand Harbour to Genova in Northern Italy. I got the opportunity to stop over at a different location every night visiting all the beautiful islands along the way such as Capri. It was just the most beautiful trip ever. There was no rush, lots of fun and beautiful scenery.
  1. Why is it essential for those chartering a yacht to ensure they hire a Skipper for their journey?

    Making sure to hire a professional Skipper is essential because Skippers know the local waters, they know of alternative locations just in case the more popular areas are already full, and they can take you to other spaces different from the norm. Skippers also carry their own professional skipper’s liability insurance for the peace of mind of the client.

  2. What can you tell us about being part of the team?

    Very excited to be involved in a business whose end game is to be the best charter company in Malta, and spread it to the Mediterranean. is bringing new standards to the industry and for the clients aiming to surpass client expectations. I believe we have a strong team whose aim is the pleasure of others.

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