Enjoy your day of luxury, and let the skipper handle any worries


December 21, 2021

Enjoy your day of luxury, and let the skipper handle any worries

When planning a day of luxury or even buying a yacht for yourself, you will come to note that a skipper will come in super handy. While some might want to rent a yacht without a skipper, choosing to have  a skipper will definitely allow you to have a safer and more relaxed trip. But what is a skipper and what do they actually do? Yachting.mt, Malta’s freshest yacht broker and charter service, looks into the skipper role and responsibilities.

What does a skipper do?

In simple terms, the skipper is the person responsible for navigating the boat and coordinating the crew of a yacht. They are not always the owner of the boat, but they are equipped and trained in commandeering a yacht or sailing  boat and are also responsible for the conduct of the vehicle.  Skippers usually have years and years of experience at sea, more experience than someone who just recently got their nautical licence.

So why should you choose a boat with a skipper?

For starters, if you want a proper day of relaxation, and of course, if you don’t have a licence to drive the boat or yacht, then there’s no debating – you absolutely need a skipper. Several people who already have a licence and  some experience in navigating boats generally opt for having a skipper onboard during their journey. Why? Because it gives them the peace of mind that someone absolutely competent of sailing is in charge of well…sailing. In this way, they can simply enjoy their experience rather than tire themselves out by navigating.

With a skipper onboard, you can also rest  your head should any unexpected but inevitable event occur while sailing. It’s not the first time that there’s a bay that makes it a bit tricky to moor, or a storm suddenly hits. A skipper is fully equipped to take on these challenges and help you ease your worries. Why? Because they’ve most likely experienced your problem before, and are able to handle it elegantly while you continue enjoying your time onboard.

A skipper is also a good point of reference when it comes to choosing where to go. Given they’ve previously sailed before and gotten the opportunity to visit several locations, even ones you had no idea existed, they might be able to help you create a journey to remember forever. And the best part is that they can also take you to locations that are more secluded and have less people around.

Finally, if you are new in the sailing world, you still have a lot to learn. So having a skipper onboard can also mean that you have an opportunity to learn from them and ask questions. This can particularly help those people who have a nautical licence, but are missing the experience it takes to properly navigate a vessel.

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